MasterClub 冬季 2019/20 籃球聯賽


比賽時間︰每月逢星期六或星期日,1pm - 11pm 之間

比賽地點︰康文署轄下室內運動場 (九龍區,葵青區及荃灣區)

(第一名對第八名,第二名對第七名.等等...),季後賽以淘汰方式作賽。 詳細內容請參閱 比賽章程 



所有季後賽均設有回播,詳細請參閱 播規條

- 提供賽事時間表 - 賽事統計,球員個人數據統計
- 每周MASTER球星及各項技術排名
- 每季常規賽球員個人技術排名
- 球員及球隊資料
- 賽後報告
- 短片及照片 (攝制隊會拍攝精彩的全場高清攝影和照片供各參賽球員回顧)


1. MVP最有價值球員
2. 最佳防守球員
3. 得分王
4. 三分王
5. 籃板王
6. 助攻王

**所有新加盟球隊會獲得Masterize 戰術板增加球隊的Team Beat
場內服務︰由Master 成員為各球隊提供毛巾及樽裝水服務。
報名方式︰請先下載報名表格,填寫後請電郵至,Master 成員將於48小時內回覆並確實報名程序。

作為MasterClub舉辦的籃球聯賽參賽者確認並承認此活動物理傷害有一定的風險您同意承擔全部身體受到傷害風險包括死亡。任何參賽者或其他人仕因參加本會比賽所引起之疾病、受傷、死亡、個人損失及經濟損失 (不論由於任何原因,包括但不限於疏忽),所有主辦、協辦機構及贊助商概不負責如有需要,建議自行安排保險


地址 九龍荔枝角永明街3號泰昌工業大廈1樓B1室
電話 2375 5923 / 2959 1184
手機 9035 0825 (Louie) / 6480 2991 (Wilson)
傳真 2371 0084







MasterClub FALL 2018/20 Basketball League

Date: September 2019 ~ March 2020

Time: Saturday / Sunday  1pm-11:00pm

Location: LCS Sports Centres (Kowloon, Kwai Tsing and Tsuen Wan district)

Game Format:
Season game Format: Each division has 8 teams, in which each team is scheduled for seven matches against other teams in the same division. Playoff game Format: After season games completed, 8 teams will be seeded base on their ranking in season games then all teams will advance to the playoffs with instant elimination format, (Seed 1 vs. Seed 8, Seed 2 vs. Seed 7 etc.) For more information please download the Rules and Regulation.

Referees: Experienced Referees nominate by Master Club

Statistics: Statistics & Score keeping for individual players and teams (Statistic include Points Rebound, Assists and other 14 shootings & off scoring stats). All statistics will be updated as games are completed.

All Playoffs will add video replay. For more information please download the Replay Regulation.

League Website: indicates:
- Scores & Schedule
- Box Scores, individual players and teams Statistics
- Master Player of the Week & Weekly Stars
- Player Statistic Season ranking
- Player and Team info.
- Photos & HD video

Champion - Trophy & Medals and Champion Team T-Shirt
2nd Place - Trophy & Medals
3rd Place - Trophy & Medals

Individual Players awards: Trophy

Individual awards category, as below:
1. Most Valuable Player
2. Master Defensive Player
3. Points Leader
4. 3 Points Leader
5. Rebound Leader
6. Assist Leader

 Gifts & Merchandise:
**All New Teams will have Masterize Coach Board to gain you Team Beat.

Water Boy Service: Will Provide Towel and Water service. Registration: Download Application form , please fill in and email to . Master Staff will reply within 48 hrs for further procedures.


As a participant in MasterClub Basketball League, you recognize and acknowledge that there are certain risks for physical injury and you agree to assume the full risk of physical injuries, including death, damages of loss which you may sustain as a result of participating in any and all activities connected with or associated with Master Club. All the organizers, co-organizers and sponsors shall not be responsible for the evernt if any participant or any other person involve in the tournament due from illness, injury, death, personal damage and economic loss (whether due to any reason, including but not limited to, negligence). If necessary, it is recommended that one shall arrange the needed insurance.

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Unit B1, 1/F, No.3 Wing Ming Street, Liberal Building, Lai Chi Kok, Kowloon.

TEL (852) 2375 5923 / (852) 2959 1184
MOB 9035 0825 (Louie) / 6480 2991 (Wilson)
FAX (852) 2371 0084


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